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A quirky, adaptable studio with top-quality audio and visuals. The perfect place to make your podcast stand out from the crowd.

audio & VIDEO recording & PRODUCTION services in loughborough


Easy peasy podcasting

What do all your favourite podcasts have in common? Probably high-quality audio, great content and smooth production, right? 

If you’re a podcaster, that’s a lot to think about. Well, at Grandma’s Studio, we can lighten the load and make your podcast dreams come true.  

  • Need somewhere to record your podcast? We’ve got you covered.   
  • Want us to take care of editing and production? Sure thing. 
  • Don’t have a hosting platform? Not a problem. 
  • Want to reach a bigger audience? We’re marketing specialists.  

Grandma’s Studio can cover all your podcasting and video needs from studio hire to editing and production to marketing.

Based in Loughborough, in the East Midlands, we know what we’re doing when it comes to quality content. You bring the knowledge, we’ll bring the expertise. 

The studio is available for hire for audio and video recording. You choose what you need.

It can also be used for webinar and training delivery with our webinar setup which can include backdrops or green screen as required.


The combination that suits you

Studio Hire 

Grandma’s Studio is available to hire for recording both audio and video.

Our versatile recording studio can accommodate multiple people and cameras for recording. The set can be customised for your branding, with changes in lighting, backgrounds and featuring your logo on the screen.

If you’re comfortable using the equipment yourself, go ahead. We can also provide a producer.

Podcast Hosting 

We partner with Captivate, the world’s only growth-oriented podcast hosting platform, to bring your talent to the world.  

Feature-rich, the platform allows us to: 

  • Host your produced audio securely 
  • Enter show notes to accompany each episode 
  • Optimise for SEO 
  • Distribute to all major and many other specific podcast platforms (Apple, Google, Spotify etc.) 
  • Provide performance analytics 
  • Create podcast website 

Podcast Production 

You record your podcast – either using your own equipment, or in Grandma’s Studio – and our specialist team will produce the final version for you to distribute to the various podcast platforms. All you need to worry about is the content.

We can help you select intro/outro music, music beds, stings and jingles to craft your audio into a professional sounding series ready to storm the podcast charts. 


What’s the point in having a fabulous podcast if your audience doesn’t know you exist? Our team of marketing specialists can help produce outstanding social media content for your channels to propel your podcast up the charts. 

We’ll discuss your exact requirements, but our service can include: 

  • Podcast artwork for submission to distribution channels 
  • Podcast website (via Captivate) branded to your artwork 
  • Setting up social media accounts including artwork 
  • Create a style for posting and Canva templates for you to use yourself 
  • Posting new episode releases on your chosen social media platforms 


Audio recording & editing services
Studio hire £45 per hour (inc. VAT)
Podcast productionfrom £1.25 per minute of raw audio supplied + VAT
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